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15 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss

That’s right, we all hope losing weight could be an overnight task, but it somehow testing our patience. In the end, it leads to “I’m busy” - the most common excuse from those who has “no time” to maintain the weight loss progress.

How to eat right and shed pounds without going too extreme:

Get Ready

  1. Talk with an expert. Speak to your doctor, nutritionist, or pharmacist about your fitness goals. Personalized an accessment of your nutrition needs and habits. Be realistic.Expert
  2. Change your perspective. Instead of thinking yourself as a weakness, switch your role as a “weight manager” who keeptrack of your food intake and exercise.
  3. Set reasonable goals.We all know it takes time to gain and lose weight. Develop an appropriate and achievable weight –loss goals have higher success possibility than over-set goals.


Start Deliverately

  1. Make changes gradually. Changing habits is difficult and takes time. Start slowly and have realistic expectation. No disappointment too soon.
  2. Understand how to put together a healthy plate of food. A well-balanced diet helps to lose weight faster. Your plate should be 50% produce (vegetables), 25% whole-grains (brown rice, wheat pasta), and 25% lean protein (grilled chicken, fish).Healthy Plate
  3. Plan ahead. Try to plan your lunch or dinner a day before or anytime ahead. This will help to keep your habit safe and locked.
  4. Be ready for challenges. Mark your calender on social events versus exercise days. How many social events you would allow yourself to is to test your willpower to stay on track.


Make Healthier Choices

  1. Cook at home more often. You know the best what to feed your stomach. Home-cooked meals have lower calories, fat, sodium, and contain more nutrients than dine-in or take-away meals.cooking at home
  2. Avoid processed foods. Think of freshness only. Eat whole foods and cut down package foods (canned food, instant noodles, etc).
  3. Anticipate cravings. Craving is normal. Give yourself a breather. If you want McDonald’s rench fries, replace it with home made with air fryer.
  4. Be a sugar sleuth. Eye scan the ingredient lists on the products before buying and say no to unhealthy sugars such as agave, dextrose, fruit juice concentrate, fructose, and malt syrup.


Adopt These 4 Habits

  1. Eat more slowly. Put your chopsticks or folks down between each bite. This will give your brain more time to receive message that you are full.
  2. Weight yourself daily. Try weighing yourself at the same time every morning, under the same conditions (clothes on or off). A daily weigh-in self check will motivate you to make changes in your diet and physical.
  3. Be kind to yourself. No one is perfect, you are seeking for improvement everyday, not perfection.
  4. Smile. Positivity thinking will support your weight loss progress.

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