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5 Surprise Habits that Can Lower Your Stress Level

When we talk about the word of "stress" we often think of head-spinning, headaches, hard to breathe, body aches, or even insommia. Physical symptoms that accompany stress are part of the body's warning system.

To press the stress level down before leading to serious ills, such as heart disease, depression, anxiety, and diabetes, there are 5 surprise habits that you can adapt to give you a peace of mind.

1. Take a scenic route


A Japanese study found that a chemical released by trees, called phytoncides can reduce levels of stress hormone in our body. So, let’s take a walking trip to stroll in the nature. Be surrounded by our mother-of-earth will make your happier.

2. More Magnesium


Eat more dark and leafy greens (spinach and kale), bananas, cocoa and almond milk! These fruits and veggies are rich in magnesium. Lack of magnesium will make you feel more emotional and reactive.

3. Pull Ears!

Pull ears

A funny trick but workable. That’s right, ears pulling will calm the nerves that surround the central nervous system.  According to Steve Kravitz, a physical therapist from Nashville, Tenn, this is how it works: Hold your ears mid-way down with two fingers, in line with your ear canal. Gently pull both at a 45 degree angle away from your head and hold for 60 seconds. So, who is feeling stress? Just pull their ears!

4. Turn OFF the Pinging

Reading email

Before checking your email again and again, ask yourself this: “Can it wait? while I need a break” (The answer is: YES, IT CAN WAIT.) A British study of office workers found that when they read and send email, their heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol level will spike up.

5. Have a happy cry!


Chemicals that build up during stress may be released through tears. Now, just let it ALL OUT.


Source: TIME Special Edition – Mindfulness

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