DIY Green Cleaning Recipes for Home

All-purpose spray, cleaner gel, glass cleaner, countertop cleaner, window spray, sink cleaner, bathtub cleaner, floor, etc...Buying household cleaning products can be COSTLY as sometimes there will be ended up dispose in trash can for it's expired condition from sitting too long and lose its potency. What a waste of money!

So STOP hiding your household cleaning products under your kitchen sink or store room, while you can make your own fresh, never expires and eco-friendly’s version. 


Keep the below SUPER 10 DIY natural cleaning recipes with you handy in the kitchen, or perhaps place it on your fridge using a magnet. Trust me, you will not regret it!

Save money + eco-conscious = SUPER! YOU ARE ROCK

We love these recipes, and hope you do too! Happy cleaning! 🙂

DIY Green cleaning for home

Special thanks to Real Simple for this helpful DIY Green cleaning recipes. Super easy to make and again, there will never expires and help you save money. So, why not?

Source: Real Simple

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