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Pink Noise Improves Memory While You Sleep

We all have heard of white noise, how about PINK noise?

The power of white noise – a steady background sound, such as static – to lull you to sleep is well-known.  Now, “pink” noise is getting extra points: Researchers have discovered that this relaxing sound, with its rhythmic variation – rain falling on a side-walk, for instance – can boost memory during deep sleep.

In a study at Northwestern University, pulses of pink noise were delivered to participants over age 60 during the stage of sleep when the brain stores the day’s learning in long-term memory. Upon waking, the participants who had been exposed to pink noise performed better on memory tests than those who hasn’t been exposed.

Good news: Most sound machines (and apps) offer both white and pink noise.

Source: Prevention magazine, August 2017 issue

Photo Credit: PopSugar

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