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Napercise: the New Fitness Trend

Wait, what? Napercise? Do nothing but sleep for 45 minutes?

Exhausted adults are paying fitness studios to let them lie down and take a nap. It’s no joke – the gyms are making the point that rest is just as important for health as movement is.

Instructors will play relaxing music and drop the room temperature during the class. Target to “exhausted parents” who find it hard to relax at home.

According to research quoted from HuffPost, 86% of parents admit to regularly suffering from fatigue which is alarmingly high when you consider the important role in the family. Therefore, getting a good sleep can help the overall mental, physical and wellbeing.

Shhh napercise

Here are some interesting findings that will raise your eye brows:

  • Some studios hold nap classes and even provide eye masks and earplugs, just in case someone is in deep sleep mode and snore.
  • In Washington DC, Recharj named itself as a modern meditation and power nap studio.
  • Crunch gyms offer nap classes that allow sleepy patrons to lie in anti-gravity hammocks.


Question – Will you pay for a napercise when you can catch some Zzzz for free at home?

Source: Prevention Magazine, August 2017 issue, HuffPost

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