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Keep Calm & Drink Coffee

Good news for coffee lovers: A 2016 study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that drinking coffee may decrease risk of colorectal cancer.

Coffee demand is growing, thanks to increasing consumption by millennials, a demographic between ages 19 and 34.

The coffee craze is starting earlier in life. Younger millennials, born after 1995, started drinking coffee at about 14.7 years old, while older millennials, born closer to 1982, began at 17.1 years

Daily consumption among 18- to 24-years-olds rose to 48% from 34%, while it climbed to 60% from 51% among those aged 25 to 39, according to the National Coffee Association in New York.

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Accordingly to Carlos Mera Arzeno, a commodities analyst with Rabobank International in London, there are two trends that are increasing coffee demand:

  1. Expansion of coffee culture
  2. Urbanization processes in emerging countries (Many people migrate from the countryside to the cities, say in countries like China, try coffee for the first time and start consuming it.

There is no doubt that everyone is thinking –  it is very “trendy” to drink coffee. But you might also heard some people said coffee is not good for you; but in fact, drinking moderately is actually good for your health. Here is why:

The study found that participants who drank 1-2 servings a day saw a 26% decrease in risk while those who consumed more than 2.5 servings a day experienced a 54% decrease in risk. As shown, the amount of caffeine didn’t seem to matter as researcher looked at all types of coffee consumed (including decaf). They speculated that coffee’s antioxidant polyphenols are to credit, as they may help limit growth of colon cancer cells. Additionally, a class of compounds in coffee called diterpenes may prevent cancer by protecting against oxidative damage. This research piggybacks on a 2015 study from Lund University found that drinking at least 2 cups of coffee a day may protect against breast cancer and recurrence in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and treated with tamoxifen. So keep getting your coffee fix, but keep your consumption in control between 2-3 servings per day.

Coffee has everything millennials love: status, experience and personalization. So should coffee be part of a healthy lifestyle?

If people like coffee, it’s fine to include it as part of your daily habit. So, certainly, people should not feel guilty about moderate coffee consumption. It definitely can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Go enjoy a cuppa coffee now! Cheers.

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