Volcanic Ash is still the “it” Ingredient in Beauty Products

Even though the trend started back in 2015, volcanic ash is STILL the star in beauty products. I couldn’t resist to write about it when I read a short release recently, and decided to bring this topic back! 

Volcanic Ash, a truly Mother Nature’s natural skin purifier. Not only it is rich in minerals, its also the life saver for those who have oily skin problem. Volcanic ash is a potent purifying ingredient that can do wonder for clogged, oily, and acne-prone skin. Similar to activated charcoal, detoxifying volcanic ash not only absorbs shine but also moisturizes. Moreover, volcanic ash is high in sulfur, which helps with redness and dryness. Sulfur also slows down the aging process because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation.

 Go give this ancient natural remedy a try, you won’t regret it!

Volcanic-Ash-Clay mask

Try this -> Innisfree, Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Source: Health magazine



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