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These Shoes are Made for Climbing

Is a double expresso your pick-me-up of choice after a poor night’s sleep? A new study suggests that you may want to grab your walking shoes instead.

Researchers from the University of Georgia found that college-aged females with chronic sleep deprivation who walked up and down stairs for 10 minutes reported an increase in energy and a great motivation to perform work-related tasks than those who consumed 50 milligrams of caffiene, or the equivalent of about 4 ounces of coffee.

According to study co-author Patrick O’Connor, PhD, this is good news for office workers with access to stairs. Instead of standing in line for coffee, hit the stairwell for a low-to moderate-impact workout with energizing benefits to help you tackle the rest of your day. A 10 minute bout of stair climbing should add a little pep to your step, and you may even find yourself falling asleep a little easier at night.

stairs work

Source: Clean Eating, July/August 2017 issue

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