OMG…No Snacks!

Yup, you heard me - No snacks! Zero means nothing, if you want to lose weight.

What: If you want to snack between meals, make it only vegetables or fruits. NOTHING else. Make friend with vegetables or fruits and un-friend with S-N-A-C-K-S!

Why: Common snacks typically have a lot of calories and little nutritional value for their volume. Vegetables and fruits are just the opposite – they can fill you up without contributing many calories to your daily total, and they’re packed with healthy nutrients. Snacking can be a double-edged sword – snacking on vegetables and fruits a couple of times a day can actually help you manage your weight, while snacking on some conventional commercial snacks can pack on pounds.

Here is HOW to stop snacking, pick up a few tricks from today onwards:

  • Before you start the program, remove all the conventional snacks from your home, including cookies, chips, candy and ice cream. Don’t tuck them away in the back of a cupboard or freezer. Don’t think you can resist the temptation of opening the package. Get rid of them! If it’s in your sight, it’s in your mouth. Remember that. Toss it! or them away.
  • Stock your home with plenty of ready-to-eat vegetables and fruits. Don’t expect to get by just on baby carrots – they should be one of many different options you can choose from.
  • Keep vegetables and fruits available at the office so they’re handy for snacks.
  • Try a variety of vegetables and fruits so you don’t get bored with one kind. For example, for fruit, instead of the familiar apples and oranges, try kiwi, mango, cherries and apricots.
  • Experiment with sprinkling different spices and herbs on vegetables and fruits to create new flavors.
  • Establish a pattern of healthy eating every day. Space meals at intervals that are not too long. Allowing too much time to pass between meals can create a ravenous hunger that drives you to mindless snacking.
  • Have some shelf-stable fruits and vegetables at home, for example, unsweetened canned or frozen fruit, frozen vegetables or low-sodium vegetables juice.
  • If you’re not in the habit of reaching for vegetables and fruits first, make an affort to choose them anytime during the day, both as a snack and at the beginning of meals.
  • Identify situations that lead you to snacking, and then try to avoid them or find alternate activities. If you habitually snack during work breaks, try going for a walk instead. If you can’t resist a candy bar whenever you walk past the drugstore or supermarket, find a different route. If emotions such as anger or sadness give you ice-cream cravings, call or talk to a friend who can listen and help relieve your urge to snack.
  • Distraction is one of the best way to get you past a snack craving. Prepare a list of enjoyable activities that you have at the ready for when a craving starts. Some form of exercise is an easy method of diverting your attention, but you can also pursue a hobby or enlist a family member or friend to contact for support.


Yes, you can do it! – When you feel like a snack, distract yourself. Grab a piece of fruit or some vegetables and go for a short walk.


Source: The Mayo Clinic

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