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My belly fat is getting bigger. What is the best diet to reduce my belly fat?

That’s a good question, because many people are in the same situation as you. First, if you are an alcoholic/ smoker, you should stop it because it promotes abdominal obesity. In terms of whittling your waist, fat loss around the middle will be more pronounced if you exercise along with decreasing caloric intake, both total and fat calories. How much exercise needed? A lot — but that doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon or become a bodybuilder. Recent studies have shown that people who are the most successful at losing weight and keeping it off exercise at least one hour a day at an intensity equivalent to brisk walking. Belly fat also responds to a lower-calorie diet that’s full of healthy, unprocessed foods. Go for vegetarian protein like tofu, eggs, tempeh, nuts and beans; fresh produce and whole grains at meals. When you have just a week to lose as much as possible, ban all sweetened drinks — including soda and juice — bakery treats and ice cream. Also avoid refined grains, such as pizza and white bread, as well as alcohol.


Shirley, Nutritionist from BMS Organics (Ativo Plaza Outlet)

BSc (Hons) Food Science and Nutrition, UMS

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