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Why Am I Always so Tired?

“No energy. Big eye bags. I look and feel terrible.”

We have all been through that.

But why?

Very tired

Why do you feel so tired all the time? Maybe it’s lack of sleep, or maybe it’s the constant demands of all the roles that you play every day – wife, sister, friend, mother, girlfriend, husband, son, boyfriend, father, boss, etc.

We can help you! Here are foods that will be giving you an energy boost.

Five Fatigue-Fighting Foods

  1. Orange Juice


Orange juice (OJ) is a great source of energy essential vitamin C, and OJ helps absorption of blood-building iron. Believe it or not, as many as one out of three women isn’t getting enough vitmin C. Women who are low in vitamin C did much better on treadmill and had more energy after they were given extra vitamin C daily, studied from the department of nutrition at Arizona State University in Mesa. The connection between vitamin C and energy has to do with C’s role in producing carnitine, a molecule that helps your body burn fat for energy. According to Carol Johnson, PhD, RD, a nutrition specialist and professor of the department of nutrition at Arizona State University, people likely to have up to a 50% drop in muscle carnitine levels when they are vitamin C-depleted. To feel more energy, consume 200 to 300 mg daily is sufficient to kick start with. You can get that much without supplement by drinking orange juice and other vitamin C-rich foods, such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, peppers, and strawberries.

2. Coffee

Coffee please 2

In moderation, coffee works as a quick pick-me-up by making energy stores more available and increasing “muscle fiber recruitment”, by helping the fiberlike cells in your muscles work together for maximum efficiency. But the boost from caffiene is unsustainable, so coffee sohuld never be used in place of food.

3. Water


This vital liquid prevent acute dehydration, which forces your cells to borrow water from the bloodstream, reducing your vitality. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day also prevents cumulative dehydration, which could build during the week and end up as Friday fatique. And water is still the best antidote to hot-day lethargy.

4. Beans


Fiber-filled legumes improve endurance. And they’re a great source of iron, the most important mineral for fighting fatique. Iron is needed for energy because of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to where it’s needed in the body. Having too little iron lowers your metabolic rate and your energy levels. If you suspect that mildly low iron is slowing you down, eat beans! Mineral rich foods are: dark leafy greens (spinach and kale) and tofu.

5. Apples


Like most fruits, apples have simple sugars, such as fructose, for energy and fiber to spread that energy surge out over time. And the fiber in an unpeeled apple has been associated with improved regularity and the prevention of colon cancer.

Source: Prevention Magazine

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