Our Mission - To protect our planet and the health of future generations through education and services.

BMS Voice is published by BMS Organics as an educational project to serve the community. We pride ourselves in supporting a mindful and healthy lifestyle that is ethical and sustainable. Hence, we strike to share the knowledge of organic and healthy living by providing handy and useful information that is based on research and studies.

Everyone wants to be healthy: to be a healthier person, to work toward a healthier body and mind. BMS Voice wants to meet you where you are (we all start from different places) and motivate you on your way to wellness, to live well and stay well – and to find your strength. One small step at a time.

Started in 2017, the print version in bilingual (English & Chinese) will be published quarterly and circulate within nationwide in Malaysia.



BMS Organics is the largest & healthiest organic retail chains in Malaysia.

We are 20 year-old now!